Prayers for Classmates

We are trying a new webpage "Prayers for Classmates" specifically for those with:

1. Long term or ongoing Health issues of theirs or a family member,

2. Life-threatening Health conditions for them or a family member, or 

3. Deaths of a Family member

The idea is for you to send us a notice of a classmate experiencing any of the above and we will post it to the page to alert the class. Class members and Guests can then go to that person's page and post a comment to them or use the email direct button to send them an email.

January 22, 2020 

** Please join our Class Prayers Warriors lifting up prayers for Classmate Quinn Edmunson's wife,Susan, who is battling cancer,  Quinn wrote: "I would appreciate your prayers for my wife. Yesterday she had consultation with a new MD Anderson Doctor because her treatment for the last 3 moonths has not slowed the cancer growth. I know she is very concerned about side effects, She doesn’t want any family present and that is a change.  Prayer is for peace and wisdom." 

** Prayers continue for Brice, James & Sharon Gehrings grandson in Dallas Childrens Medical Center, [see email I sent out to the class]

October 26, 2019 please join us in prayers for Classmate Sandra Thedford Kurtz who is recovering well from a stroke.

 πŸŽ‰πŸŒŸSuccess Story🌟 πŸŽ‰

Sandra Thedford Kurtz has been training with since May. Sandra suffered a stroke on the right side of her body and was looking to increase her lifestyle fitness. She has increased her range of motion, core and grip strength as well as greatly improving in her balance and stability! πŸ€— She is truly a miracle story! Her determination has made all the difference. πŸ’ͺ She continues to create and surpass milestones in her fitness!πŸ₯‡πŸ† Way to go Sandra! I am very proud you!

~ Trainer Taryn Brannen 

October 21, 2019 please join us in prayers for Quinn Edmondson's wife, Susan, who was diagnosed with marginalized lymphoma and has three available treatment options with good prognosis.  Our prayer is for our peace with the one that God has planned for her. 


September 13, 2019 Please join us in lifting up our Classmates in prayers.

Brenda Alexander Stout, Judy Morphis, Carolyn Rhodes with continuing health issues.

August 8, 2019  Brenda Alexander Stout could use our prayers for health issues she's experiencing.  Please join us in lifting prayers for her.