Prayers for Classmates

We are trying a new webpage "Prayers for Classmates" specifically for those with:

1. Long term or ongoing Health issues of theirs or a family member,

2. Life-threatening Health conditions for them or a family member, or 

3. Deaths of a Family member

The idea is for you to send us a notice of a classmate experiencing any of the above and we will post it to the page to alert the class. Class members and Guests can then go to that person's page and post a comment to them or use the email direct button to send them an email.

Give it a try and let us know.

September 13, 2019 Please join us in lifting up our Classmates in prayers.

Brenda Alexander Stout, Judy Morphis, Carolyn Rhodes


August 8, 2019  Brenda Alexander Stout could use our prayers for health issues she's experiencing.  Please join us in lifting prayers for her.

June 12, 2019 (REVISION: address correction)

  On June 4: Judy Morphis settled in at the Chandler Nursing home. She would love visitors. Please be aware that she can no longer eat or drink. Judy had a feeding tube put in at Mother Frances on May 25 because of extremely high blood pressure and she was not able to swallow even fluids.

  Thanks to Carol Ann Hill Ferguson we have Judy Morphis’s address and new phone number which is (903)574-1262. But Trisha says she needs to practice using it.  Her address is: 

Chandler Nursing Center
Judy Morphis Room 3 Hall A
300 Cherry Street
Chandler, Tx. 75758 

Ruth got in touch with Judy's family and asked if it would be okay if we put her on the JTHS65 website Prayer list. Ashden Kirkpatrick answered, " Yes ma’am. You can let people know and add her to any prayer lists. Thank you for asking. Very sweet. And Trish Kirkpatrick wrote, "I think she would appreciate that."