Prayers for Classmates

 "Prayers for Classmates" is specifically for those with: 1. Long term or ongoing Health issues of theirs or a family member, 2. Life-threatening Health conditions for them or a family member, or  3. Deaths of a Classmate or Family member. The idea is for you to send us a notice of a classmate experiencing any of the above and we will post it to the page to alert the class. Class members and Guests can then go to that person's page and post a comment to them or use the email direct button to send them an email.

May 16, 2022

Please join us in lifting up Classmate Wyndell Roberts in prayer. 

" Wyndell's wife posted on facebook that Wyndell has been diagnosed with prostate cancer, don't know what stage. He had heart surgery earlier this year and the prostate problem was discovered just lately after a check up on his heart surgery. Donna said everyone's prayers were most welcome." Ronald Osborne (rai) 




May 5, 2022

Please join me in lifting up Classmate Traviis Leon Brewer for healing from his recent back surgery. His wife, Debbie, reports he has been transferred to CHRISTUS Good Shepherd Medical Center in Longview, Texas for rehabilitation.She says, "He is up and going to therapy." They requested that we keep this event off of Facebook!!

We Lift up Travis in these days of recovery asking that he may feel Your Comfort and Peace which is Beyond Understanding and as Others see we pray that You Be Glorified. In the Power of the Precious Name of Jesus our Christ I pray these things Amen and Amen"  Ramon Ivey

March 20, 2022

** Pleae join me in lifitng up Classmate Max Clark in Prayers for healing as he explains his situation in his own words. "I am having a hard time recovering.Have had two surgeries. Then went to rehab and passed out while sitting at the table. I was sent back to hospital.  Now, I have to wear a life vest until I have the next surgery. I need everyone’s prayers. They tell me am at risk for sudden death! I have another heart procedure Tuesday.

I wrote "Max, an announcement to the class is on the way. Prayers are rising for you as we speak.
And so I pray, my Father and my God we come before You acknowledging You as the One who gives the increase, Who Heals, knowing after all the ones who care for us, it is You who holds our lives in Your Hands, and so we come as Jesus came asking that this cup pass in the form of healing and recovery, but not our will but Yours be done. We thank you for a Life full and Rich with Your Blessing and each of us walk to a promised end and crossing whether it be now or later may we lift our eyes to see Your Presence and Promises and therein find strength physically, emotionally, mentally and especially spiritually for our future. Lift Max up in these days in Your Comfort and Peace which is Beyond Understanding for Others to see and You Glorified. In the Power of the Precious Name of Jesus our Christ I pray these things Amen and Amen"  Ramon Ivey

February 19, 2021 

** First, Please join us in lifting up Classmate Larry Matthews in prayer as he recovers at home from 16 days in the hospital with Cov-19. He is still on oxygen and a full recovery will be slow coming. His wife, Ann, also had Cov-19, but it was a milder case. Then, second, go Larry's page on this JTHS65 website and post a word of encoragement to him or use the email direct button to send him an email to help get him through this dark piece of life's road.   ~ posted by Ramon

January 3, 2021

** Please join us in lifting up Classmate Lioyd Hale, his wife Donna and daughter Angela in prayer. 
Donna Smith Hale wrote this afternoon:
" Lloyd took quite a turn for the worse yesterday. We are so grateful for the hospice workers who stepped up to help us make adjustments as he has started his transition to be in the very presence of the Lord. He is comfortable, but unable to communicate with us much. Although visiting with him is not a possibility right now, we deeply covet and appreciate each and every prayer. This transition could be days or weeks, but Angela and I will be with him through it all.  We trust God’s perfect timing." ~ Donna
  Lloyd, Donna & Angela appreciate your prayers as I talked with Angela this afternoon. You can see  more details in my Dec 12 post on our JTHS65 FB page.  After talking with Donna, I shared that post from her FB page in which she provides a lot of details on Lloyd's health condition.
  Donna's choice of a meme read "There are moments which mark your life. A moment you realize nothing will ever be the same and time is divided into two parts, before this and after this." [each time time I've shared with you, I had the Family's approval to do so  ~ posted by Ramon}

December 6, 2020

 **  With deep sadness, we ask you to join us in lifting up Classmate Paula Davis Johnson on the death of her husband, Bob Johnson after a battle with cancer. Details are available on our class Facebook page " John Tyler Class of 1965".  See the post in June and one now. Details of arrangements are not available, but will be passed on when we have them. (posted by Ramon)


October 26, 2020

** Please join us in lifting up Classmate James Gehring in prayer on the loss of his sister, Teresa Ann Gehring Nutt, yesterday. James had posted the following message on our "John Tyler Class of 1965" Facebook page on October 23: "I am asking for prayers for my sister Teresa Ann Gehring Nutt who is in hospice care in Houston. They say she has a few more days at most. Sharon and I will be traveling to Houston tomorrow. Pray for our trip down there. God is good. Be safe everyone."  His wife, Sharon, posted the following last night: "UPDATE: James’ sister passed away this afternoon at home with all of her family there. James and I got there about 30 minutes before she died."

October 10, 2020

** Please join us in lifting up Classmate Diane Shaffer Tippit's sister Nancy Shaffer Long. Diane wrote, "Some of my friends have met my sister Nancy. We are less than 2 yrs apart & she went to John Tyler a year ahead of me. She has had medical issues for a long time and is now on her last journey in hospice of East Texas. Besides her, my niece, Wanda, needs prayer. She's been the caregiver for more than a year." Nancy is not expected to live but a week or two. As you can see in August 13 post below, this has been a hard year for Diane who could use our prayers as well,.{posted by Ramon}

August 13, 2020

** Please join us in lifting up prayers for Classmate Diane Shaffer Tippit in the loss of her son Dwight today while in a Galveston hospital. No details or arrangements are known at this time. [Posted by Ramon]


June 26, 2020

** Please join us in lifting Bob Johnson, husband of Classmate Paula Davis Johnson in prayers. Here is Bobs Journey in Paula’s own words.  "Bob had prostate cancer and had surgery to remove it in February 2012.  It came back in 2016 and they started the hormone blocking shots which stopped it until 2020 when it metastasized to the bone.  They started radiation injections, but the tumor was too aggressive and he began having severe pain in the back and started losing feeling in his legs and falling.  We went to the emergency room on June 7th and they did emergency back surgery and removed the tumor. We did rehab in Katy where he will be until Friday.  He is doing better, but all of the feeling is not back in his legs and torso yet.  We will continue in home therapy until he is strong enough to do out-patient therapy.
   He was allowed one visitor a day until this week when they stopped visitors all together.  That has been so hard for all of us, especially him.  He started having anxiety attacks, but they have given him medication for that and he is doing much better, just counting the days until he can come home.  My son and his family live next door, so we are working hard to get the house wheelchair ready and praying for Friday to get here.
I so appreciate your prayers.  This has definitely been the toughest journey of my life, but with prayer and my God, we will come out of this stronger and better. Just counting the days until Bob is home." ~ Paula.        ... [posted by Ramon]

May 25, 2020

** Please join our Class Prayers Warriors lifting up prayers for Classmate Llold. I ask Lloyd, "Could you use some of us praying for you? Would you want me to include you on our JTHS65 website page Prayers for Classmates?" Lloyd responded, "I thank everyone for their prayers. Without them I am sure that would not be where I am today. As far as “Prayers for classmates” I would not mind at all, It will take prayers from all of us to help any one of us with their issues!
Ramon, to be perfectly truthful with you, I am not OK. I am surrounded by teams of doctors that can’t fix it. So, I have given it over to the Master Physician for final resolution. Thank you so much for asking that particular question, not many people do that any more."
In Christ, Lloyd                                                                                    [posted by Ramon Ivey, web manger]

May 14, 2020

**Please join us in prayers for our classmate Jerry who is in hospoice and who according to doctors has less tha a week to live.  "Jerry had open heart surgery March 19. Eight weeks later after 6 weeks in the hospital and 2 at a rehab facility he has been brought to hospice. His kidneys are failing. Dialysis was ruled out because too hard on his body.  By being over here my son and I can visit from 8am to 9pm. If necessary we can stay overnight. The doctor said on Tuesday he probably would not last a week. He is so tired and weak." Beth Ward Please join me in praying for his Comfort and Peace as well Beth and their son Paul. [Ramon]

March 30, 2020:

** Please join our Class Prayers Warriors lifting up prayers for Classmate Carol Small who is fighting cancer again would appreciate your prayers. On March 29, she posted on her Facebook page, "Gotta do another another round of chemo starting this week. Please keep me in your prayers." Visited with her on a FB private message. She could use us to lift her up in this trying time. Let her feel the love of our class. [rai]

March 6, 2020:

** Please join us in prayers for classmate Judy Judy Morphis. I think most classmates know, but for all, it has been reported to me that our classmate Judy Morphis is struggling the incurable Lou Gehrig's disease, otherwise known as ALS (Amyotropphic Lateral Sclerosis). She has already lost her voice. She can read email which you can send to her from our class website or contact her on Facebook if you are FB friends; even a private FB messages as I understand. Reaching out with prayers and encouragement during this difficult time for her is encouraged. [rai]

February 29, 2020: 

** Please join our Class Prayers Warriors lifting up prayers for Classmate Brenda Alexander Stout  as she is scheduled to have her 3rd surgery on her left shoulder to relieve her pain. This surgery, scheduled for March 20th will totally replace her shoulder. After an expected longre recovery, she expects to have another surgery on her back. (she's already had several back surgeries in the past.) She, and Curtis, need our prayers and encouragement,   correction on date to 20th  my error [rai]

January22, 2020 

** Please join our Class Prayers Warriors lifting up prayers for Classmate Quinn Edmunson's wife, Susan, who is battling cancer,  Quinn wrote: "I would appreciate your prayers for my wife. Yesterday she had consultation with a new MD Anderson Doctor because her treatment for the last 3 moonths has not slowed the cancer growth. I know she is very concerned about side effects, She doesn’t want any family present and that is a change.  Prayer is for peace and wisdom." 

** Prayers continue for Brice, James & Sharon Gehrings grandson in Dallas Childrens Medical Center, [see email I sent out to the class] ~ rai

October 26, 2019 please join us in prayers for Classmate Sandra Thedford Kurtz who is recovering well from a stroke.

 πŸŽ‰πŸŒŸSuccess Story🌟 πŸŽ‰

Sandra Thedford Kurtz has been training with since May. Sandra suffered a stroke on the right side of her body and was looking to increase her lifestyle fitness. She has increased her range of motion, core and grip strength as well as greatly improving in her balance and stability! πŸ€— She is truly a miracle story! Her determination has made all the difference. πŸ’ͺ She continues to create and surpass milestones in her fitness!πŸ₯‡πŸ† Way to go Sandra! I am very proud you! ~ Trainer Taryn Brannen  [rai]

October 21, 2019 please join us in prayers for Quinn Edmondson's wife, Susan, who was diagnosed with marginalized lymphoma and has three available treatment options with good prognosis.  Our prayer is for our peace with the one that God has planned for her. [rai]


September 13, 2019 Please join us in lifting up our Classmates in prayers.

Brenda Alexander Stout, Judy Morphis, Carolyn Rhodes with continuing health issues. [rai]